Dunedin Holiday Park & Motels are proud to be

“Enviro Silver Qualmark rated”

Our city has wonderful historic buildings, stunning scenery and wildlife – Please join us in preserving our beautiful local area and reducing our impact upon it.

You may like to consider the following:
1. Our management and staff always endeavour to turn off lights, heaters and equipment when not needed (or when we leave the room). You may wish to do the same.

2. We actively support recycling of waste. We have provided bins for recycling of paper, cardboard,glass, plastics and cans. We use them and are very happy if you do too!

3. Dunedin Holiday Park sponsors local sporting teams and events.

4. We are minimising our energy and resource consumption. Includes solar water heating with gas top up on demand, twin flush cisterns, use of recycled paper products, ‘light tunnel’ lighting, timers on appliances, planting of native species and more!

If you are interested to know more about these aspects or what else we do, please feel free to ask our staff. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Your support and actions help us maintain our lovely region – Thank you!




July 2018

We have replaced and added to our native grass planting here at the park!

April 2017
Over half of the holiday park has now been converted to LED Lighting.  Ground work continues including eradicating evasive plants that have been trying to take hold after our beautiful hot summer.  Great weather for our native plantings around the park!

February 2016
We are currently working through the lighting in the office and changing all lights to LED

August 2015
We have recently updated all of our self contained units and in the process have updated all of the lighting to LED lights which are more environmentally friendly

May 2015
A number of native grasses have been planted around our tent area, as well as beautifying the area for the guests we are hoping that this encourages the native wildlife to visit the park

January 2015
Our herb garden is currently in full flourish and available for all guests to enjoy!

March 2014
We have been enjoying watching all of our native trees and grasses flourishing over the spring and summer time!

October 2013
We have completed our Qualmark assessment again this year.  We are very proud to continue our Enviro Silver award. 

August 2013
We have done extensive ground work whilst eradicating evasive plants and are in the process of planting many more natives plants.

March 2012
We have just had our Qualmark assessment and are pleased to announce that we are still maintain our Enviro Silver Award. We are looking into other ideas to further minimize our impact on the enviroment.

October 2011
We have been planting more native plants around the park and have also built a herb garden for our guests to use. We have also placed solar lights around our grounds.

November 2010
We have recently entered the “Let’s Grow Native” garden competition in Dunedin. We were very pleased to be awarded first place in the business gardens section. The judges were particularly impressed with one of our Pohutukawa trees which is already flowering. They said this is quite rare so far south.

September 2010
We have recently purchased a wood chipper and now we are making our own mulch to use in our gardens. This helps prevent weeds, keeps moisture in the soil and as it breaks down also fertilises the plants.

June 2010
We have just received notification from Qualmark that we have received the enviro silver award for responsible tourism! We are very excited to receive this recogition of the work we have done to make the park more environmentally friendly.

May 2010
We have just analysed the data for the first ten months of solar water heating for our main amenities block.
Before we had the solar heating (the period Jun 08 – Mar 09) amount of gas used was 2.821 Kilowatt hours per guest night. For the corresponding period once the solar heating was installed (Jun 09 – Mar 10) the amount used was 2.550 KWh/guest night.
Sounds a bit complicated! But what it means is that 9.6% less gas was used overall at the holiday park, even though the solar heating was only used on one amenities block. A great result!
We are looking at the possibility to also add solar heating to other areas of the park.

May 2010 
We are now sponsoring Orokonui Ecosanctuary, and are proud to support this great facility which is protecting native flora and fauna. www.orokonui.org.nz

November 2009
We are very happy to have received the Qualmark Bronze Medal Award for Responsible Tourism. Qualmark is the independant New Zealand assesment agency for accommodation and tourist acitivities. This award recognises our efforts in supporting the environment.

September 2009
We have just finished some landscaping in the Park and planted 800 native grass plants!
These plants need little water once established and suit our coastal location. Not only do they make the Holiday Park more beautiful – they are helping to lower our carbon footprint!

June 2009

We have implemented our new recycling areas which allow us to recycle more waste. Visitors (and staff!) can recycle paper, cardboard, glass, cans and some plastics.

We have now completed analysis, of how much our rubbish was reduced – since the new recycling stations were created in January 2009.
In the period January to July 2009 there was 37.5% less rubbish – per guest, per night , than for the same period in 2008. 
Thank you to all our guests who helped the environment by recycling!

Eight solar heating panels have been mounted on the roof of our main amenities block. These are providing hot water for the kitchens and bathrooms. Obviously at night the sun is not out – but don’t worry – Gas is used to keep the water temperature hot !