The Otago Peninsula stretches along the southern edge of the Otago Harbour, a wonderful scenic drive with STUNNING views, offers lush green pastures, small bays and inlets - sandy beaches, rugged hills and volcanic landforms. Drive yourself or take one of many tours that are available, ask for information and bookings on your arrival.



Check out the Yellow Eyed and Little Blue penguins.


Royal Albatross

Taiaroa Head is the only place in the world where the Royal Albatross nest on the mainland.


Fur Seals

Can be spotted on many of the beaches in the area, these cuties are vey photogenic!


And native bush species

You can see many types of sea birds.
This one is a shag.

wood pigeon

And native bush species

These are native wood pigeons.

jo walking

Walking Tracks

You will find plenty of walking tracks available. Amazing views…

peninsula view
Dramatic view of Tairoa Head with the white lighthouse against dark cloudy sky, small boat passing by the cliffs, Otago harbour, Dunedin, New Zealand
sandfly bay big
view on peninsula